"We appreciate the efficiency, quality and great customer service that PAWS is providing our program. A big plus is the flexibility of being able to enter our personal visit records not only at the office but also online from home. It has simplified record keeping and increased our efficiency. Customer support is so helpful, easy to talk to and open to meeting program needs."

-C.K. Lawrence Parents as Teachers


"The Parents As Teachers USD 501, Topeka Kansas has been using the
Precision Data Management System in our program since June 2004.  The
program has helped organize and manage our waiting list.  We are better
able to keep track of referral date, date of assignment and dates of
contact, thereby serving families as quickly as possible.

We have found this program to be invaluable to our Parent Educators.  It
has reduced their paperwork by enabling them to put their Personal Visit
Records directly on the internet.  No longer do they have to hand write
the PVR's and then enter them into a computer.

The system also allows our Parent Educators to keep track of their
appointments, family follow ups, Lending Libraries and referrals to
other agencies.

Being able to keep track of their weekly schedules on line, enables our
Parent Educators the freedom of changing their schedules from home or
office.  It also affords the office the ability to see an
up-to-the-minute Educator's schedule for each week.

We have utilized all of the reports available on the system, along with
requesting special reports.  The information gleaned from the system has
allowed us to give more comprehensive reports for our grants and
financial partners.  We appreciate the quick turn around on our custom

Lastly, the support given by the PDM staff is exemplary. When we have
asked that special codes be added, or for specialized fields, all of our
requests are handled courteously and efficiently.  Not only is this
program an asset, so is the staff.

The Topeka USD 501 Parents As Teachers program would highly recommend
this program to any organization."

-B.H. , Topeka Parents As Teachers

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